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Hidden Women

Conwy Culture Centre - Monday 1 July, 0:00 to Monday 30 September, 0:00

A community Exhibition inspired by the Women’s Peace petition 1924. Featuring work produced by local school children directed by @rachelevans_celf

This year marks 100 years since the women of Wales organised a petition of peace to present to the women of America. Over a very short 5 month period, volunteers managed to collect 390,296 signatures from women across Wales. Thousands of signatures came from the north Wales and Conwy area. The petition contains many signatures from prominent female figures of the time. However, the majority of the signatures were by ordinary women living quiet lives, many of whom have been forgotten. These are the women we celebrate in this exhibition. We honour the local women who signed their names in support of the dream of a warless world for generations to come. For many women, this could have been the first official document they had ever signed. The petition is a uniquely women-only document as well as a uniquely Welsh document. In the Hidden Women exhibition we showcase some of those local women who signed, giving us a snapshot of the lives of women in the 1920's and what may have motivated them to sign a petition for peace.

To learn more about the Women’s Peace Petition please visit: