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Mary Thomas: TYPES-O-CYAN

A select showcase of local artist Mary Thomas’ unique Cyanolumen prints.

Mary Thomas is a local Welsh artist who began her Alt Photography journey after retiring from her teaching career in 2014. Starting as a complete novice with Cyanotype she quickly discovered the creative outlet she had been searching for.

Cyanolumen is a combination of two Victorian photo processes Cyanotype and Lumen and involves using dark room photographic paper, cyanotype solution and the power of UV to create one-off images using organic materials and/or negatives.

Mary’s work involves an ongoing experimentation into the two combined processes, by adding kitchen cupboard ingredients such as Turmeric, salt, baking soda, soap and dilute vinegar to the procedure her results are always a surprise and create unique images that cannot be easily replicated.

The large-scale prints exhibited here were originally produced for Colwyn Bay’s biennial Northern Eye Photography Festival and exhibited on Platform 2 of the town’s railway station in 2021.

Now showing at the Conwy Culture Centre until the end of May 2022.