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How to get to the Conwy Culture Centre


This is the Conwy Culture Centre from the outside.

It is located in Conwy town.

You can get to it by car, bus or train.


The Arriva number 5 bus from Bangor to Llandudno stops outside the centre every 10 minutes.


You can also get other Arriva buses like the 27 and 14 from the centre of Conwy a short distance away.

The number 19 also goes past the centre to take you to Llanrwst but less frequently.


The train station in Conwy town centre is a short distance away. However it isn’t wheelchair accessible.

Llandudno Junction is the nearest accessible station.


There are three disabled car parking spots at the Conwy Culture Centre.

Parking in Conwy town is limited.


There are some parking spaces at the Bodlondeb Car Park.

It is near the Council Offices.

There is a path connecting this area to the Conwy Culture Centre through Bodlondeb Park.

Finding your way into the Conwy Culture Centre


Conwy Culture Centre is just outside the Conwy Town Walls.

You might hear the sound of traffic. There are also smells of fresh grass and nature coming from the nearby green space.


There are two pedestrian crossings just outside of the centre on Bangor Road and Town Ditch Road.


There are some steps from the path on Town Dich Road to the front entrance of the centre.


There is a ramp to the left of the stairs at the corner of Bangor Road.

There are dark grey gates you’ll have to move around at the top and bottom of the ramp.


There are site maps and guides to all the facilities located outside the centre to help you find your way.


The entrance to the centre has two sets of automatic sliding doors which take you into the main foyer.


Around the back of the centre, nearby to the disabled parking spaces you will find the Sensory Garden.


If you’re coming to an event at the centre, you can arrange with the event organiser to allow access through doors to the Arts and Community space just past the Sensory Garden.

These doors are just opposite the small stone amphitheatre.


These doors are manually opened by event staff and are quite heavy.

There is a slight ledge on the door frame so you may feel a light bump as you come in if you’re using a wheelchair.

What is it like in Conwy Culture Centre?


The entrance

The main entrance is to the left of the Cantin Caffi at the culture centre.

When you enter the building you might hear the sounds and smells of the café as they make coffees, move plates and cups and cook food for customers.


This is the entrance area. There are sometimes different displays.


The Cantin

This is the Cantin. You can get food and drink from here. There are lots of tables and chairs and you can sit inside or outside if the weather is nice.

Sometimes if the doors are open you may get a cool draft through the space.


There are public toilets in the Cantin which you can use for free.

There are separate male and female toilets. There is also a unisex wheelchair accessible toilet and baby changing facilities.


In the accessible toilet there is an arm support rest to help you get up and down off the toilet.


The library

Back at the main entrance if you go straight ahead through the next set of automatic sliding doors you’ll enter the library area.


If you keep heading forward on your right you’ll find the front desk where a member of staff is usually stationed.


Opposite the main desk, there are glass doors which lead to the archives search room where people go do research.


Staff will open the doors if you want to come inside and there is plenty of space for a wheelchair.


People come here to read books and use the computers.

There are a mix of soft seats, desks and bookshelves all around.

You might hear people talking, typing on the keyboards and the sound of clicking computer mice.


There is a children's play area too. So you might hear the sound of children playing, singing and storytime sessions.

There may also be the sound of books thumping on shelves and tables.


There is a door to the right of the children's play area which leads to the staff area.


In an emergency, staff can take you down the corridor which leads you to two wheelchair accessible toilets


Arts and Community Space

Onwards to the right of the front desk is the entrance to the Arts and Community Space.

It is a manual door but before events start this will be left open.

If you’re a little late, just ask a member of staff to let you in if you need help with the door.


The Arts and Community space is a big room with wooden floors and warm lights.

There are also big windows which let in a lot of daylight. (When it's sunny)


The set up of this room changes. Sometimes there are green chairs in rows.

Other times there are tables and chairs arranged for workshops.


There is a lot of art on the walls which have been made by artists and communities.

These change on a regular basis.


There is a screen which you can use for presentations.

It also has a web camera if you want to live stream your event.

Speak to the team if you need help setting this up.

Conwy Culture Centre is a friendly place where all are welcome. If you need any more information to help you get here get in touch with them on phone or email:

Phone number

Conwy Culture Centre Archives: 01492 577550

Conwy Culture Centre Library: 01492 576089