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Amdani! Conwy

Chi Ydi Diwylliant Conwy! | You Are the Culture of Conwy!

What do we do?

Amdani! Conwy is a new project that opens up volunteering opportunities for local residents and the communities in our area to become ambassadors for Conwy's exciting cultural offer.

Amdani! Conwy supports cultural venues and event organisers and works with our communities to make arts, culture and heritage fun, accessible and inclusive. You don’t have to be an expert in culture or the arts to take part.

As a volunteer you will get the chance to be a part of a friendly network made up of people from different backgrounds. You’ll also access behind the scenes and chat with the public from far and wide, develop new skills and learn from artists and workers who live and work in our area.

Who are we?

Amdani! Conwy! is anyone who wants to be involved.

Initiated through the Creu Conwy Partnership, the project is being delivered in partnership between Conwy County Borough Council, CVSC (Community Voluntary Support Conwy) and Disability Arts Cymru. Together, these organisations will build a new supportive framework which benefits both the people and the arts in Conwy.

Amdani! Conwy is a pilot project which has been generously funded by the Spirit of 2012: Volunteering Cities Fund and Conwy County Borough Council.

The Team

How can you take part?

Starting in February 2023, we will be working to develop a new volunteer framework and opportunities. This webpage will be the home of future happenings for Amdani! Conwy.

We will be announcing very soon how you can be involved. Please keep an eye of social media for updates:

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