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Fisher Dog shark fish

The medieval fishing weir and fish traps which were historically located at Rhos Point have mostly gone, but in the 19th century a dog called Jack became a local legend famed for catching fish at the weir until he was killed by a shark in 1873! Small World Theatre has brought the story to life in shark, dog, fish installation.

Small World Theatre chose an Angel Shark as the culprit. Angel sharks rest, camouflaged in the shallows and wait for their prey to come near then they strike. There are recent sightings of the critically endangered Angel Shark in Welsh waters, despite poor Jack unfortunate end they pose no threat to humans.

Watch this short animation about Jack the Fisher Dog and find out more by downloading the Imagine Trail app

Small World Theatre artists’ description

Materials: Laser cut steel * Dog, Fish and Angel Shark from 6mm Steel. Paint brushed on the black dog. Shark and fish of heated and bent steel with clear protective coating. A wave of recycled plastic sits beneath.

*(most steel produced today contains around half of recycled steel. Around 79 % of steel cans and packaging is recycled)