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Land girl 3

This installation celebrates the significant role Colwyn Bay played in World War II as the administrative centre for the Ministry of Food. Many local buildings were requisitioned including The Metropole at the bottom of Penrhyn Road where ‘Nancy’ (as she has been named) is located. Inspiration was taken from the Dig for Victory posters and the Incredible Edible growing project in the centre of Colwyn Bay.

This installation invites discussion on food waste. On average one adult's weekly war time ration was 113g bacon and ham (about 4 thin slices), one shilling and ten pence worth of meat (about 227g minced beef), 57g butter, 57g cheese, 113g margarine, 113g cooking fat, 3 pints of milk, 227g sugar, 57g tea and 1 egg. Although we’re getting better UK households still throw away 4.5 million tonnes of edible food a year! What could we learn from 1940s rationing?

Find out more about the Ministry of Food history in Colwyn Bay by watching the animation and downloading the Imagine Trail app

Small World Theatre artist’s description

Acrylic paint on marine ply board.